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Core Values
We as directors believe in personalised professional services, that adds value to our clients and their operations.
We continuously strive to meet the needs of our clients and to improve our services to ensure that the NSi experience meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations. We are committed to continuing development in our personal capacity, so that we can advise and service our clients according to the most recent regulations and with the highest professional ethics.

We strive to build a lifelong and loyal relationship with our clients. As the directors of NSi are young and very enthusiastic, we see this as a perfect opportunity for new and established businesses to build this relationship. This ever growing relationship will ensure that the operations of our clients are understood and will lead to better decision making and value added services to you as client. We strive to be more than just an annual “health check” for organisations, but rather as a partner to the further development of your business.

We strive to deliver timeously services that are up to date with the relevant compliance and regulatory requirements.

Target market
We identified a need among small and medium-sized entities for professional, personal and loyal services. Our vision is to grow as a firm that delivers these specific services that are required by the small and medium-sized market.

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