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Auditing and Independent reviews
Our philosophy is that these processes should be more than just a compliance requirement. We see it as an opportunity for us to learn about your organisation and understand your business. This knowledge will enable us to provide you with an enhanced service in general, as well as services like tax consulting and management advice.

We can assist with the identification of weaknesses within a business when they're still insignificant and easy to mitigate. An audit also presents an opportunity for you as client, as we are at your premises when performing an audit and you have access to our professional and competent personnel, to assist with your enquiries. It is also an opportunity for you to learn more about your business in a different way and to understand the key indicators of a successful business. We can assist you in understanding the processes that needs to be implemented to ensure your business is performing at its best and that the information you are using are accurate and reliable.

Our services include:

• Compulsory statutory audits
• Voluntary statutory audits
• Independent reviews
• Estate Agent Trust Account audits
• Body Corporate audits
• Auditing of Non-profit organisations

Related services:

• Agreed upon procedures such as royalty reports, analytical reports, turnover confirmation etc.
• Preparing an audit file for external auditors
• Preparing financial statements for audit purposes
• Review and design of internal control systems
• Compilation reports for close corporations, trusts and individuals, as well as preparing financials for these entities

Accurate, complete, valid and timeously accounting records are essential in the management of any organisation. Accounting records of high quality ensures reliable information for the decision makers in your organisation to address the various key aspects of a healthy business. It is also important to ensure your organisation comply with the relevant legal requirements.

We see ourselves confidants and consultants to your business, who will help with the decision-making process when needed, so you are able to make more accurate decisions faster and easier.

As some small and medium-sized entities do not have personnel that are capable to perform all these different duties, we deliver services to assist in these areas.

Our services include:

• Preparation of annual financial statements
• Compilation of management accounts
• Compilation of fixed asset registers
• Designing of internal control systems
• Monthly payroll transaction capturing and payslip generation
• IRP5 preparation
• Data processing on Pastel from source documents
• Reconciliation of bank statements, petty cash, debtors and creditors
• Performing duties as "outsourced accountant"

Each client’s situation is unique and this is also true for tax purposes. Each client has its own challenges and needs and we believe that the needs must be addressed by active tax planning within the Income Taxation Act and related tax acts. We are serious about the responsibility of submitting accurate returns, timeously.

Our services include:

• Tax consulting and planning
• Calculation of tax liability
• Completion and filing of annual tax returns
• Provisional tax calculations, completion and filingof returns
• Calculation, completion and filing of VAT201 returns
• Calculation, completion and filing of EMP201 returns
• Completion and filing of EMP501 reconciliations
• Tax registrations, including Income tax, VAT, PAYE

Management Services
We believe that relevant financial information is essential to ensure day to day activities are effectively managed. Management should have access to up to date financial information. The relevant financial information should point out key indicators, consist of performance analysis and forecasts etc., pending on the decision beforehand. We assist our clients to identify the specific key information that they need for decision making. We then ensure that the systems are in place to provide the information and prepare the relevant reports that are required.

Our services include:

• Management accounts
• Cash flow reports
• Forecasting
• Costing
• Budgeting
• System reviews
• Implementation of accounting systems

Secretarial and trust services
We see the secretarial function as a very important part of a client’s business as a whole. Compliance with legislative requirements is essential. We believe these information and registers needs to be accurate and up to date to ensure your business is conducted in terms of regulation requirements and that all the applicable risk areas are covered. We have seen businesses been deregistered as annual fees were not paid, problems with share registers and subsequent difficulty with registration of bonds, the list go on.

We ensure that our clients are up to date and that these difficulties are prevented. We also advise clients on the vehicles to choose from when conducting business, for example a company versus a trust etc.

Our services include:

• Formation and registration of companies
• Formation and registration of trusts
• Maintenance of statutory records
• Submission of annual returns to CIPC
• Changes to registration and statutory details
• Voluntary liquidations
• Related secretarial services
independant reviews
management services
secretarial services
trust services
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